In The Washington Post, Dana Milbank outlines the Republican incompetence that exacerbated the Coronavirus disaster:

“Trump depleted the government of scientific expertise and did little to heed warnings to prepare for a pandemic. He blocked Congress from conducting meaningful oversight. He repeatedly proposed cutting public health and medical research. The constant turnover and reliance on ‘acting’ officials eroded competence. His reckless stimulus legislation during an economic boom... left few fiscal and monetary tools to stop the ongoing economic panic. His constant stream of falsehoods misled the nation about the threat of the virus and contributed to a delayed, haphazard response. His administration badly misjudged the impact of the virus and was claiming until just a couple of weeks ago that it would require no additional government spending.”

Play Time

Analysis of MMORPG play as economic activity

Play Time is an economic analysis of play in massively-multiplayer online roleplaying games (MMORPG) that I wrote back in 2004. It began as an undergraduate ‘honors thesis’, but — like most of my projects — it grew to a monstrous size and carried me away with it.


Play Time was originally written as one long and rather heterogeneous paper, but I have since revised and reorganized; it now comprises a general introduction and three separate monographs. It should be accessible to anyone who has taken a few undergraduate economics courses: