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"While punishing those who dared to tell the truth, Trump is protecting those who assist his coverup. He inveighed against the request of federal prosecutors, following normal sentencing guidelines, to give Stone a seven- to nine-year prison sentence for witness tampering and lying to Congress. Trump also attacked the judge overseeing Stone's case and the forewoman of the jury that convicted him. The Justice Department then asked for a reduced sentence. Four prosecutors resigned from the case in protest, and one quit the Justice Department."

— Max Boot in The Washington Post


Document sharing app — Free, open source — C#, ASP.NET Core

What is it?

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Hanikamu™ is a free, open source web app that helps you share information with your friends and family. You create simple web pages that are accessible from any browser, including your phone. You can share pages with specific members of your hive, or you can open them to the entire web. It's as easy as sending an e-mail, but your pages persist, to be updated and viewed for as long as you like.

Create a shopping list that can be modified or read by any member of the family. Share recipes or directions. Plan events. It's up to you!

Another startup asking for my data?

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No! Your hive is hosted and managed by someone you know. This admin is your connection to everyone else in that hive. Need help? Call a real person, someone who actually knows you, someone who actually cares.

No corporation owns or runs your hive. I write the Hanikamu code, but I don't see your data — only your admin can do that. No one tracks you, no one sells your information, no one wastes your time with sleazy 'customer engagement' patterns.

Your hive is your own homemade internet, managed by and for the people you care about.

How will it work?

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Among other things, this is a chance for me to test web technologies that interest me, so I am building the first Hanikamu iteration with ASP.NET Core, MariaDB, Dapper, and Bootstrap. The code will be posted on GitHub under the Apache License 2.0. Your admin will need a domain name and a web hosting service. I will be looking for ways to simplify the hive setup process, but admins will also need some basic technical knowledge.

When can I get it?

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This is a simple project, but I'm suddenly very busy, so I'm thinking summer of 2020.